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Ukraine Temp Virtual Numbers to Receive SMS Online Ukraine Temp Virtual Numbers to Receive SMS Online

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We created this service with numerous number of Ukrainian dummy mobile numbers for free because we're sick and tired of telemarketers and those who call us for reasons that don't concern them. Protecting your privacy is a right you shouldn’t have to pay for. So we decided to allow you to take one of our dummy mobile numbers from any one of the major cellular operators in Kiev (Kievstar, Vodafone, MTS or Lifecell). Free!* There's no hidden catch. You really can protect yourself with a phone that doesn't actually work, has no active subscriptions or contracts attached, and was never used by actual end-users. Our technologies let us receive SMS from our fake phone numbers so you can be sure that if someone sends an OTP code via text message it will go straight into a dead letterbox where they won’t find it until they hit recramble after entering a wrong code ten times – which is how many times you will receive spam notifications from the sender themselves – all upon our say so.

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